I'm Patricia.

My mission is to prepare you for the cabin crew interview so you can catch the eye of the recruiter and land your dream job with confidence and ease.

If you want to work for a reputable international airline, you are aware that only a small number of people are chosen from thousands of applicants. The competition in this field is very high.

You might spend countless hours online looking for the right answers to questions, CV templates, permitted health conditions, age limits, asking people about your photos, tattoos, BMI, hair color, scars, height, arm reach, and so on. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even overwhelming, not to mention that a lot of misinformation is out there.

It doesn't have to be that way. I am here to make your life easier and save you time from the comfort of your home.

I'm a cabin crew mentor and a trainer with over a decade of aviation experience (14+ years) who loves to see her students succeed.


  • I developed a passion for aviation when airplanes landed above my head in Washington, D.C., in 2006. It was not until I received what I can only describe as an unexplained "calling" that I decided to pursue a job in this field. It took me quite a lot of time to learn what I needed to know about this profession and how to get started.
  • In 2008, I joined SkyEurope Airlines in Vienna. The company declared bankruptcy a year later, which made me look for other work options. Not just doing turnarounds and flying on small airplanes but flying around the world and enjoying a double-decker A380 with layovers. I started preparing intensively to pass airline interviews and get where I wanted to be.
  • In 2009, I passed both interviews for Emirates Airline and Qatar Airways simultaneously. Emirates was my first choice, where I spent almost 8 unforgettable years. Then, inspired by the prospect of starting a company, being around my loved ones, settling down and having something of my own - as well as joining the business aviation field - I decided to move on.
  • I left EK at the end of 2017 and entered the business aviation world as a corporate flight attendant, working on different private jets in Europe. My life as a VVIP flight attendant continues until today. The process was more difficult than I anticipated, but with my skills and determination, I was able to succeed.
  • Meanwhile, many people started approaching me with questions about becoming a flight attendant. I felt motivated to share my knowledge, years of my aviation experience, tips, tricks, and pieces of advice with cabin crew wannabes. I wanted to make their lives easier, less stressful, and save their time so they could have a better interview preparation phase, the interview process itself, and flying experience than I used to have.
  • After noticing that my advice was helping people get their dream jobs, I decided to set out on a new adventure and build an online academy, where I help aspiring flight attendants make their dreams a reality.

"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get."

Forest Gump


SkyEurope Airline

Emirates Airline

1st Business Aviation Company

My current company - confidential


  • I am also a certified NLP coach and practitioner. I continually enhance my skills through training, in order to be a better version of myself and help others. I have completed numerous trainings, to name a few: e.g., Business Protocol and Etiquette training in Slovakia, VIP flight attendant training in Switzerland, Group Crisis Intervention training at the University of Maryland, USA, Human Resources training,...